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Product Description


We have a range of polypropylene reducers, which are used to properly reduce the flow into and out of circulating pumps. These reducers are acknowledged for their compact design and high efficiency. Our range of reducers are fabricated using cutting edge technology in order to obtain high level of speed reduction.

Forged Reducer :

concentric socket weld
concentric threaded
eccentric threaded
eccentric socketweld

Seamless Reducer :

concentric reducers
eccentric reducer

Welded Reducer :

concentric reducer
eccentric reducers

Reducers - Material wise :

Titanium reducer
Tantalum reducer
Nickel reducer
cupro nickel reducer
zirconium reducers
hastelloy reducer
incoloy reducers

Niobium reducers
HR Alloy reducer
Alloy 20 reducer
Nimonic reducers
Monel,inconel reducer
Stainless Steel reducers
duplex, super duplex reducer

Production Range :-
  • Steel Tubes India manufactures reducers (pipe fitting) to reduce the diameter of the suction piping to fit the pump intake, thus used to join two pipes of different sizes. Reducers are available in both eccentric and concentric designs. Concentric or eccentric reducers are used to properly reduce into and out of circulating pumps.
  • The various advantages include keeping big pipes and small pipes together as well as reducing noise and vibration at the same time. Our reducers are tested and verified for durability, accuracy and precision.
  • Steel Tubes India manufactures forged, seamless & welded reducers ( pipe fitting ) of types concentric reducer,eccentric reducers to ANSI B 16.5 from classes 2000 to 9000 and Schedules from 10 to 160 .
  • Steel Tubes India manufacture reducers accordance with BS standard from classes 2000 to 9000 lbs, Schedule 10 to 160 .
  • Steel Tubes India designs & manufactures reducers (pipefitting) of special type made according to drawing on request.

Reducer - material



Classes in Tee

Tee Types

Titanium reducer, Tantalum, Nickel , Cupro - nickel, Zirconium, Hastelloy , Incolloy, HR Alloy, Alloy 20, Monel, Inconel, stainless Steel, Niobium, Nimonics,duplex reducer, super duplex reducer



2000 lbs, 3000 lbs, 6000 lbs, 9000 lbs

socket weld - concentric,eccentric
threaded - concentric,eccentric


S5s,S10,S20,S40,STD,S80,XS,S 160,XXS

concentric reducer,eccentric eccentric reducers


S5s,S10,S20,S40,STD,S80,XS,S 160,XXS


Forged Reducer, Seamless Reducer, Welded Reducer, concentric socket weld , concentric threaded , eccentric threaded , eccentric socketweld, Titanium reducer, Tantalum reducer, Nickel reducer, Zirconium reducer, Hastelloy reducer, Incolloy reducer, Cupro - nickel reducer, Niobium reducer, Nimonics reducer, HR Alloy reducer, Alloy 20 reducer, Monel,Inconel reducer, Stainless steel reducer, Duplex reducer, Super duplex reducer

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Office No-303, Ashtavinayak Building, Sadanand Wadi, Near-Earth Casle Masll, V.P. Road,Mumbai - 400004, Maharashtra, India
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Key Personnel
Mr. Kamlesh Jain (Director)
Mr. Dilip S. Burad (Director)